Wednesday, December 14, 2011


When I was a little kid in Sunday School, I remember them teaching about how Solomon could've asked for anything, all the riches in the world, but instead he chose wisdom. I'd nod, wide-eyed, but inside I was thinking, "What an idiot."

Well,what do kids know? Now as an adult, boy do I treasure wisdom. And I sure wish it was more abundant in our society. I wish people sought it out more. I wish I had more of it.

With wisdom comes this amazing thing called Perspective. They're like best buddies. It's what you wish you could give your kids when they come home falling apart because someone wouldn't talk to them or share their coke or whatever. Perspective is what you have to offer after you've lived awhile, hoping to pass it down to the person just beginning a journey you've already been on.

Wisdom in general is superb. It's like a lifeline. But supernatural wisdom from On High, now that's a whole other realm of awesomeness. Coupled with Perspective, Jesus can give us insight into ourselves, into situations, into His word, that otherwise we'd be incapable of seeing. Wisdom allows us to love those who hate us. It allows us to turn the other cheek. It allows us to hope when everything seems hopeless. Jesus allows us glimpses into His heaven, where all is right and where Wisdom rules with power and might.

Wisdom does some very cool paradoxical things too, like giving us the ability to prosper while helping us realize the wealth of the world leads to nothing but emptiness.

Jesus is Wisdom in the flesh. And learning about how He lived His life while on earth helps us gain the wisdom we need to prosper the kingdom of God while we're here too.

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