Friday, December 23, 2011


Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me." Recently my son asked me, "Mom, how do we know that Christianity is THE only way? How do we even know it's true?"

It's a good question. A smart question. It's a question that anybody who is seeking to find truth should ask. If Christianity is worth anything, then it can stand up to this question. And I believe it does.

There are many aspects of Christianity that persuade me to bet not only this current life and all that is in it, but my entire eternal future on the belief that it is true. It sort of begins with the question, is there really even a God?

To me, the idea that all this is a random accident doesn't ring true at all. It doesn't even make sense. There is almost nothing to convince me of it. Looking just at the human body alone convinces me we were created. But not just the whole body. The eye. The inner ear. The brain. And then there's the sky and the stars and the way the sun and the moon work together. Then there's the vast solar system. And wind. And thunder. There are the seasons. Dolphins. There is love.

But there is something else, and that is the question, where does goodness come from? If we are nothing but an advanced form of animal, then why does a man sacrifice his life for a total stranger? Why are we compelled to help the weakest instead of propel the strongest? Why is there a standard by which we all believe we should live by? Why is cheating or stealing wrong, if our instincts tell us to survive by any means? Why do we have character? Nobility? Honesty?

From the point that I concluded that there is indeed a God, then I had to ask the question, is Jesus who He said He was? We know for certain a man named Jesus existed and claimed to be the Son of God. It's not fable. The question is, is it true? I think I'd be less inclined to believe it had He shown up as everyone expected, as a mighty warrior coming to overthrow an oppressive regime and put Israel into power. Turns out that wasn't His plan. It was much bigger. And very much unexpected. It was offered far and wide, to Israel and to its enemies. It didn't come commanding a vast army. It came humbly. Poor and destitute. The savior everyone was expecting turned up at criminals' homes. He talked to prostitutes and outcasts.

Greatness came in many forms the day Jesus arrived on earth, but it came in the most human way possible, too. It came in way so that no man could claim he was left out or uncared for. Freedom and love was offered to everyone, not just a select few. Not just to a chosen nation. To everyone.

And all the prophecies recorded about Him hundreds of years before came true.

He predicted the world would hate Him. He was right. But not all the world. Not me. I, for one, am thankful for a God who took pity on me. But more than that, He took me into His arms.

There is a lot to ponder when it comes to Christianity. Every part of it can stand up to scrutiny. Jesus will not turn you away for your questions. He won't turn you away at all. We are the ones that turn Him away.

The Great I AM invites you to search for the truth. I don't think you'll ever be disappointed in what you find in Jesus.

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  1. Everytime I see another miracle a friend cured of ovarian cancer another cured of brain cancer. Is another reminder that he is real. The many many times I am struggling and wondering and feeling doubtful suddenly He comes thru and not in big huge ways but in little things and that's when I know that He is real.