Thursday, December 22, 2011


With the coupon craze as it is now, it seems we'd all know a little something about the word redeem. But it has a lot of meanings, and when it turns from a verb to a noun, when we've been redeemed by the Redeemer, the meaning has such extraordinary eternal provision for us that it's best if broken down into small, bite-sized pieces.

As our Redeemer, here is just a sampling of what He has done for us, by His own blood, by His own sacrifice.

1) He has compensated for our faults and the bad aspects of our character and being as well as for our poor past performances and/or behaviors. (Probably *and*)

2) He has atoned for our errors and has made amends for our evil acts.

3) He has saved us from our sins, our errors and our evil deeds. He has saved us from the curse, the eternal consequences and the punishment we deserve.

4) He has regained possession of us in exchanged for payment, in our case, His life for ours. He paid the ultimate price to get us back to Him.

5) He exchanged Himself for us, taking our place of punishment, taking all that we deserve and putting Himself in our place. He exchanged His rightful place as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to hang on a cross as a criminal, which was our rightful place.

6) He paid the necessary price to clear our debts. What we owed we could not pay. He made sure He paid everything for us to be totally clear of the debt.

7) He fulfilled and carried out His pledge and His promises to all His children, that He would conquer the world and sin and rescue us from depravity.

8) He bought our freedom.

That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?


  1. That He has saved us from our sins, our errors and our evil deeds. I am free to go before the father and he sees me as clean and nothing, or no one can change that.


  2. Thank you,Renee, for your awesome reminder about the real meaning of CHRISTmas and why he is so worthy to be praised everyday!

  3. freedom has such a special meaning to me, I wrote a blog about freedom, it talks about what it means to me.
    If you get a chance would you read it?

    Jesus paid the ultimate price, what a gift!