Monday, December 12, 2011


Although Jesus promises to provide for all of our physical needs, He tells us that we cannot live on bread alone. He reminds us that our souls need to be fed as much as our bodies, with the good stuff too, not the junk.

With the focus on healthy eating these days, we all understand what it takes to keep our bodies healthy--though we might not make the best choices! (Ice cream, anyone??)

Yet sometimes we are not as careful with what we feed our souls. Just like eating Twinkies and Taco Bell everyday will lead to bad health problems, feeding our souls with junk TV, lies from Satan, and meaningless material things will lead to a collapse of our spiritual health.

Jesus promises us He can and will supply sustenance for each of us. We just have to ask. We certainly live in a parched and dusty old land, don't we? The grass might be green under our feet, but the world around us is cracking like a scoured desert. I believe with all my heart that we can only live a balanced life with the sustenance He provides. Everything else is futile. It may temporarily feed a need, but in the long run, it will die out just like everything else.

Jesus promises to sustain us for the long haul. For eternity, actually.

He is the Bread of Life. The Living Water. Let Him fill you up in every way this Christmas season!

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