Thursday, December 8, 2011


Being an author myself, recognizing Jesus as the author of all is supremely cool. It kind of bends my mind to realize He didn't write the word...He is the Word. He was and is and always will be the spoken Word. All was created for Him and through Him and in Him.

John chapter 1 is my favorite passage in the Bible. (OK, I have a lot but this one is definitely top 3). It stirs such awe in my heart to picture Jesus as the author of the universe and all that it contains...that He created my soul and all that makes me fearfully and wonderfully made. And that the author chose to enter the story. There are some of my stories I would NOT want to enter!

As an author, I know what it takes to form and mold and create. And I'm just working on one little book. God's majesty and power come into clear focus when I realize the amazing capacity for which He has to create. If I only look at the human body and all that it does, I'm astounded. When I look up at the stars and the sky, I'm astounded. When I watch a tree grow, a baby cry, a cloud float by, the waves crash...the list is endless. And it is all created by His hand.

His story is the greatest that ever was and ever will be, and it has infinite meaning and eternal consequence. I'm glad to be a part of His story. I'm glad for everything that He authored. And I'm thankful that He graciously passed on creativity to His people.

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