Saturday, May 3, 2014

Worst SKID Job by Danial James

Ever wonder what some of the worst jobs are on a film set?  We'll be hearing from some of our cast and crew about that in the upcoming posts.  Here are Danial James' thoughts on it:


Somehow, and I'm really not sure how, I got the job of "Ask The Guys Playing Basketball To Stop Playing Basketball Right Now Pretty Please". 

It was a cumbersome job title, but it came with dental, so I was cool. 

One of our sets was right next to a basketball court, and unfortunately, our shoot schedule coincided with some epic basketball battles. And as it turns out, the sound of a basketball bouncing on the ground, or a rim, or a teammate's head is not really conducive to optimal sound recording on a film set. 

Here's the awesome news: these guys were really, really cool about it. The not so awesome news is I felt like a heel having to shut down their fun every day. 

So, Fellas Who Played Basketball By Our Set, my hat's off to you. Thanks for being so cool and letting us interrupt your hoop dreams to make our movie. And thanks for making my least favorite job actually pretty bearable. 

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