Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When you become a mom, there is nothing you wouldn't do for your kids. But as you soon realize, there are often situations where you feel completely helpless. That's what happened to me this February when this adorable, sweet and unique little boy, my son John, was verbally bullied at school, by not one of his classmates, but twenty. I'd love to say that his case is rare, but it's not. Thousands upon thousands of children are verbally bullied. According to Paul Coughlin of, an anti-bullying organization, 160,000 children stay home a DAY due to fear of being bullied. And that statistic is from the 1990s. Imagine the number today.

Tomorrow I am going to post my personal story, of how my son John became the target of extreme verbal bullying, and the touching true story that followed. Please tell everyone you know who is interested in combating verbal bullying to come visit my blog tomorrow. Help me spread the word about the Power of Words. When I wrote my novel LISTEN, I never imagined that I would be living out the nightmare I wrote about. But God has a plan, because all things work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Help me work out the good. Spread the word about LISTEN. Come follow me on Twitter. And join me in a word revolution!


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